U2 – Staring at the Sun – live with Orchestra – Music Video Unofficial 2017

If Bono and company have something to say, the rest we are obliged to listen. One of the rock bands with more social impact in history reaches its fourteenth album with ‘Songs of experience’, presented by songs like this ‘You’re the best thing about me’. And experience is not lacking.
A letter committed and positioned, the one of ‘Sunday bloody Sunday’ like flag of the disc ‘War’, became santo and signal of the group, that a year later confirmed its importance in the musical panorama with a subject that still today is a hymn : ‘Pride (in the name of love)’. But everything they had done before 1987 was buried by one of the rock’s disco gems: ‘Joshua Tree’, which shook the world music scene and which was its first unanimous number one in all the big charts of the planet. The album opened with ‘Where the streets have no name ‘.
But we can’t talk about the LP without clicking the cuts number two and three, which kept the pulse of ‘Joshua Tree’ and that raised it to the altars: ‘I still have not found what I’m loking for’ and ‘With or without you ‘. U2 reached the limit and were about to dissolve at a time when each musician began to turn in opposite directions. But one issue came to the rescue: ‘One’.
The truth is that the album in which this jewel was included, ‘Achtung baby’, was and still is very questioned, although undoubtedly it supposed a radically different sound and pioneer in the rock scene of that time. The success was a glue to keep the band together, especially because in the 90s, although they still reached number one on the charts, they did not cultivate especially memorable songs. Although they continued exploring sounds, like the modernization that supposed Discotheque, of the disc ‘Pop’ published in 1997.
The resurgence came from the hand of Lara Croft, the character of Tomb Raider, in 2000, the year of ‘All that you can’t leave behind’ with subjects like the cinematographic ‘Elevation’ and the beautiful ‘Beautiful day’. The reborn U2, with a sound of their own but at the same time renewed, remained tireless with the 2004 album “How to dismantle an atomic bomb”, in which “Vertigo” was undoubtedly the greatest icon.
In short U2 is one of those bands that has marked several generations with its enormous musical quality. We said goodbye with his penultimate album, which served as a ‘first part’ of what is now published. This is’ Songs of innocence ‘and came with the force of songs like’ The miracle’.U2 are rock dinosaurs and to honor the release of their new album, Songs Of Experience (2017) that has generated opinions of all type, the BBC has awarded them a special program to promote it, nothing less than in the historic Abbey Road studios.
A show in which Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr, have been able to dispatch with all their megalomania well at ease. They were together with the journalist Cat Deeley chatting about the composition of the album, who commented “The Abbey Road studios have been the home of the best and greatest musicians, from classics to modern. Everyone from Pink Floyd and The Beatles, to Amy Winehouse and The Drifters at some point created some musical magic within these sacred walls. Now it’s U2’s turn to make history. ”
U2 from innocence to experience. On the occasion of Christmas and New Year’s Day, the editorial staff of Evangelists.info offers you articles recently published in Christianity Today, Spiritueles and Just4U. Happy reading, and especially happy holidays! Three years after Songs of Innocence, the legendary band U2 has just released a new album: Songs of Experience.
Side words, Bono seems to follow the path traced by Bob Dylan, who has long inspired. Indeed, U2 sings several songs with Christian hints but yet very enigmatic. In this album, there is a lot of love, choices of life. At times, Bono switches to “preaching” mode diverting the beatitudes to challenge Americans to welcome the stranger. For this new opus, U2 wanted to recompose its new titles to include the “important changes” caused by the Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. “We needed to step back in. The world had changed, we needed to put things down and integrate the level of these upheavals,” Bono told The New York Times.
A political dimension emerges from the new album Songs of Experience. The quartet calls for tolerance, compassion and peace. “We let the evil of the world perforate in this album, but it had to remain very personal without provoking controversy. A shock of the personal and political system was caused by these elections, not only in the United States but also in Europe. These texts are my personal response to these two shocks, “says the leader of U2. For its 14th studio, the band in Bono chose to trust producers Jolyon Thomas, Jacknife Lee and Steve Lillywhite, a long-time collaborator. In addition, Ryan Tedder also participated in the design. After the single You’re The Best Thing About Me, it is the title The Blackout that is used to promote Son.

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